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Hanuman for Students

Hanuman for Students

Author: K K Shanmukhan
Publisher: Kurukshethra Prakasan
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According to the Hindu mythology, there are two figures considered to be the mascots of fortune and success. They are Ganesa and Hanuman. Hanuman is a Risk Monger.  Any student who aspires to be some thing in life should focus on Hanuman.He takes his decision and executes it. All the tasks he undertook involved high risk. Haven’t we  heard: “One who is afraid of a fall will not fly”.

Book : Hanuman for Students
Category : English Books
Publisher : Kurukshethra Prakasan
Author : K K Shanmukhan
ISBN : 81-89181-89-0
Publishing Date : 01/02/2011
Edition : 2
Language : English
Binding : Perfect Bind
Number of Pages : 57

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